ATOHMS is a Belgium freelance Product Designer who likes to rethink products from the inside-out.

Mission Statement:

Design definition: Design concerns the relationship, and the optimization thereof, between the user and his tools.


+ Re-invent instead of restyling ‘things’

+ It is better to know something from everything than everything from something.

+ A good wine needs time to ripe, the same can be said about developing good products. It is a time-consuming process with lots of failure and disappointments. But if done correctly will ultimately lead to success.

+ A product conceived just for making profit doesn’t serve the end-costumer/consumer and is therefore a bad product. The same can be said for products that force the end-consumer to buy another product over and over again.

+ Designers have a great responsibility towards nature and humanity. Striving towards closed-loop product-cycles and truly sustainable products is the responsibility, and duty of every designer -and everyone else involved in the (development)-process-.

+ A good product will sell and explain itself and doesn’t need marketing or a manual.

+ Go local

+ In the economy of tomorrow everybody will be a designer

+ The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. (this is a quote I know ;)


2002 – 2005 >> PiliPili-product-design (Conceptual) Designer

2005 – 2007 NV >> CREAX Conceptual Designer/ Idea generation.

2005- >> Howest – PIH : professor sketching + creativity techniques

2007-2009 >> SmiDESIGN : Productdesigner

2009- >> ATOHMS Freelance Productdesigner


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