01/10/2009: ATOHMS is alive and kicking ;)

10/10/2009: The raincatcher is featured on the designblog

11/10/2009: The raincatcher is featured on the design(dot)fr

12/11/2009: athousandgreatideas got featured on the flandersDC inspiration blog

02/01/2010: The HarmoniCAR is featured on toodaylab

10/01/2010: Birdcamera and raincatcher are selected for

25/01/2010: athousandgreatideas got featured on core77

26/01/2010: athousandgreatideas got featured on project Firenze

27/01/2010: athousandgreatideas got featured on designophy

08/01/2010: The HarmoniCAR got featured in Flanders Today Magazine

09/02/2010: Featured on Nuze with the 1-hour-design-emergency-shelter.

19/02/2010: Featured on CNET for the 1-hour-design-emergency-shelter.

25/02/2010: Results of the Core-design-invitation for AAVA Mobile

05/03/2010: 1-hour-design-emergency-shelter Featured on the fast company

31/03/2010: 1-hour-design-emergency-shelter Featured on

23-27/06/2010: Birdcamera shown on W/O2010-expo in Kortrijk

29/06/2010: Lecture at Artesis-college Antwerp for World Industrial design day

07/06/2010: Birdcamera featured on core77

12/06/2010: Birdcamera featured on yankodesign

14/06/2010: Birdcamera featured on darkroastedblend

20/06/2010: Birdcamera featured on ffffound

06/09/2010: Lecture at Howest Summer School 2010

04/02/2011: Blackbox case study featured on core77

04/02/2011: Blackbox case study featured on mediacollective

04/02/2011: Blackbox case study featured on slashgear

17/02/2011: Several ATOHMS projects featured in Addict Inspiration Book 30: Ideas for a greener cities

16/03/2011: Lecture at Howest Prototyping event

22-26/06/2011: Some works shown on the “week van het ontwerpen” at Kortrijk

23/06/2011: birdcamera featured on cctv-blog

29/08/2011: Lecture and workshop at Howest summerschool


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