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After analyzing the current market of baby-phones. We noticed that consumers demands for baby products where very divers. Some people want a very basic version and others want a full 24/7 spy gadget that monitors and regulates everything. Therefore a previous concept, where all the bells and whistles had been removed for a more intuitive and idiot-proof usage (as seen in the pic below) was canceled. This was not a bad productidea for people who wanted a really basic babyphone but would be disliked by people who did want all the whistles and bells. Couldn’t we give these two different kinds of consumers the same product and still satisfy both of them? A baby-phone that could be everything and nothing altogether…preferably for everyone ;) The solution lay in separating the functions of current baby-phones and sell them apart in different smaller products. Building Blocks to create your own customizable baby-phone. Inspiration for its shape and setup was derived from trees, children’s toy and an accidental visit in the chemical lab.

With the concept and semantic inspiration complete it was time to start building a full scale mock-up. With some over the counter available rod-ends for curtains and some precise machinery we where able to create a model to discuss the semantics and workings. The modules where detachable so the very basic setup and the extensive one could be examined. It was established that with this kind of product architecture not only will every parent find the setup that fits them best they’ll probably will have a unique shaped baby-phone to.

The simplest set-up is a base station, that houses the battery and a transmitter. And a first extra module: the microphone. from thereon you can add: a temperature module, a downticking timer, nightlight, camera and even an ultrasonic module that will repel insects in summer nights. And this is only the child’s side of the story.

The receiving unit or parent unit. Is not modular. It just listens to the signals and will display everything the child unit sends through. It’s USB cable docking make it function like a necklace. This necklace setup also makes the wearer more responsible and makes the unit lost-proof. The USB docking on the child- and parent-units has another advantage: you can plug each module into your computer and alter it’s settings and customize it.

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And I thought a baby monitor is always a simple gray box! Great idea, great concept. Regards, Andrea

Comment by Andrea

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