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This traffic camera blends in with its surroundings. It shape offers it camouflage in plain sight.
A speeding driver will not pay attention to the silhouette of a simple bird. Thus it’ll safeguard the camera from detection and possible vandalism.
A funny side effect would be that drivers who are aware of these camera’s will slow down whenever they see a bird on a wire ;)

Update: Apparently many people are missing the point of what I wanted to convey with this camera. It’s not about capitalizing on speeding drivers. It’s about making sure drivers obey the speed limits in every area, not only where there’s speed camera’s. People do obey the laws where there’s a speed-camera (read: where they can get caught) but they continue speeding afterward. This kinda camera is all about discouraging that kinda behaviour.

And for the people who are getting paranoid already…don’t worry this is just a prototype (albeit fully functional) and it is not in production (yet ;)

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Very cool idea. I think you’ll find a stronger market in covert surveillance rather than traffic.

Comment by Moyersy

Maybe the bird can be part of a family. Birds for traffic. Rabits for surveillance (gardens) ? Thx

Comment by atohms

Hey guys, this good work!

Comment by Bernadine Hanrath

This is disturbing. Make products that help humanity, not enslave it

Comment by anon

Not sure how this camera enslaves people more than any other security/traffic camera…
If you don’t won’t to get caught…don’t commit the crime.

Comment by atohms

With the first link the chain is forged.

Comment by wooten

Sorry, I can’t help but say it, this is nothing more then profit off of human suffering. There are already far to many laws to memorize in each state let alone each city. No American can make it through the day without unintentionally breaking 2-3 laws, unless they lock themselves in their house. Now maybe it’s just me but I would like to live in a society that allowed people to be people, as long as you’re not hurting someone else then it’s fine by me. I’m tired of being a prisoner in my own house because I fear the Police State we’ve allowed ourselves to become. I think it’s a great idea, perhaps we need to place these in places of government and law enforcement so that citizens can make sure the people upholding these endless list of laws aren’t breaking them. Who watches the watchers, the law makers, and law enforcers?

Comment by Ken

Right on, just think were humanity would be now if governments and control freaks would just spend a small portion of their military/defense budget towards solving problems instead of destroying them (in regards to financially, publicly, and physically)

Comment by Ken

This is eerily Big Brothery.

Comment by Laura

I like the neck rotation detail =). Paired with legs hinge gives fair 2 axis coverage.

Comment by S.

fuck this stupid shit.

Comment by sdfgsd

I think it’s a great idea, but it should be used to monitor government officials, law makers, and law enforcement, someone has to protect the rights and freedoms of Americans right?

Comment by Ken

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