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Cars are excellent! They give you comfort, fun and excitement while you drive from A to B. It is the icon of true freedom, apart from the motorcycle that is -and that is if you want to get wet. Anyway, cars are Fun but they do have some downsides. They need a lot of (carbon) fuel and and they are big an bulky while most of the time it is just you in the car. Therefore this concept: The Harmonicar. At first it looks like your average city car with an attitude. Not much room inside but enough to fit 2 persons and some luggage. Fast and agile. Ideal for most occasions. But sometimes you need extra space. Driving the friends to a concert, Buying that vintage fridge, closet and all the other stuff you couldn’t fit in your car. The Harmonicar is able to extend it’s length over a full meter which is most of the time just enough to fit those things you couldn’t fit before.

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Would be funny if the parking space could stretch with it!!!

Comment by Verbke

Park the car in small mode and then extend so if someone parks to close you can still exit the parking by shrinking again ;)

Comment by atohms

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