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Forest fires are a real threat to humans, but also for our planet and its ecosystem. In the short term, people and animals in danger. But in the long term consequences can be far more disastrous.
Forest fires always start with a spark, a small fire. Therefore it is vital to discover and extinguish these fires as soon as possible. An almost impossible task considering the area to be monitored. So why do we not outsourceĀ  this task to autonomous robots? The Phoenix-robot is a fully independent robot. His job is to patrol the forests autonomously and for long periods of time. With its numerous heat sensors this droid is capable of detecting the slightest fire miles away. Whenever a fire starts, the robot will quickly spot it and extinguish it. If his water runs out it will locate a nearby water-source (pond, river, lake) and refuel. The water itself is stored in a flexible container, a large balloon as it were. Which is housed inside when not filled to improve the maneuverability.
If a fire is too large, the robot can ask for reinforcement by other ‘colleagues’ patrolling the area.

feasibility / proof of concept >

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