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The Raincather is a very special kind of umbrella. It also serves as a rain-collector. When it rains, the rain catcher will automatically unfold and catch the  raindrops. This idea is derived from a flower which opens when the sun starts shining. Only this “flower” opens itself when it rains. This comparison is also extended in the fact that the rain catcher is anchored in the ground.  The collected water can be used to spray the lawn, wash the car or fill up the kiddy-pool. The opening mechanism itself a combination of weights, levers and cables. The water collector on top captures the first rain drops and leads these to a cavity in a weight, which resides in the hollow  tube of the umbrella. Once a critical point (water volume) is reached, the weight will drop and cause the arms to unfold. The water volume in the cavity itself will seep slowly from the cavity so the umbrella will close itself when it stops raining as the equilibrium will be restored.  A over-pressure valve in the hose coupling ensures that any excess water is automatically discharged. The umbrella can also be manually opened and closed by a foot switch so it can always serve as a sunshade.

feasibility / proof of concept:

A Similar idea/product: rainpod

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Do you own the patent for this? It’s ingenious!

Comment by Robert Lee

Any idea how much a patent cost? And a lawyer to plea your case when there is an infringement? Still thank you for the comment ;)

Comment by atohms

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