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The idea of self-growing products isn’t a original one nor an easy one. Some attempts have been made and there’s some blue-sky-concepts out there. But none have really satisfied me because I couldn’t grow them at home. You needed a chemistry degree, reactor tanks or an awful lot of time. Another motivation to this persuasion was to find out if we could mimic nature and create a very natural product by using natures set of rules? The answer lay in salt crystallization. You can do it at home. It’s easy…they teach it to young kids and everything you need is safe and available. Now you only need time (still) and something to let the crystallization start onto to. I experimented with balloons, glue and salt. until I had some sort of ‘mold’ on which the crystallization could grew on. Put the mold in a bucket. Fill the bucket with over-saturated salt water and wait for at least a month. Place the bucket in a dark warm place. And at the end you’ll have a coral like structure made of salt. carefully add a light and socket inside. Plug it in and cherish it. Since you’ve grown it yourself.

This idea makes you think differently about products. Could products become better in time? Because they ripe like wine? Or you get more attached to them since they bare the marks of their life with you and the memories you share with them? How much would you pay for a 50year old grown christal chandelier? Would it be possible to grow products very fast and efficient by just throwing some powder in a bucket of water wait for 24H and tada! there’s your new Zphone? This project is still in the experimenting stage and will remain there for a long time since it takes a while for these things to grow ;)

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