Phase 0: Problem definition
> Design brief

Composing of the designbrief/assignment. What is the problem? Who is it for? Estimated cost/production #? Available technology?


Phase 1: Brainstorm/Exploration
> Ideation sketches

Via brainstorming and explorative sketching lots of  ideas are being generated.

Phase 2: Detailed concept-studies
> # Concept-drawings / presentations

Concept-presentations are made to visualise several productideas.

Phase 3:  Conceptual 3D
> Mock-ups and prototypes / 3D surface model

The chosen concepts are tested for feasibility. Models and mock-ups are being made.

Phase 4: Art direction
> Design-reviews (and corrections) of the ongoing detailed design and engineering by a third party.

Follow-up of the chosen concept trough further development.

If you are in need of inspiration for your brainstorm/future projects take a look at my online inspiration library: athousandgreatideas

If you are looking for enhancing your drawing skill please take a look at my freehand-sketching-course.

Or you need some guidance while designing? Here’s my basic rules for product designers.


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